University Ombuds
Carruth O'Leary Rm 36

Dr. D. A. Graham has more than 20 years of experience as a Master Facilitator and Mediator in the resolution of complaints, appeals and internal grievance processes for employee/employer issues. He has worked to resolve issues between parties through various types of mediation and communication processes. He has designed and taught numerous courses and workshops on communication, conflict engagement skills, diversity and accountability at multiple universities, corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Librarian , Faculty Ombuds, Director, Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright
Carruth O'Leary Rm 34

Ada Emmett joined the Ombuds Office as the Faculty Ombuds in July 2019, serving the university community of students, staff, and faculty. 

Ada has been dedicated to the principles and practice of open scholarship and open access; and helped design and press for a university faculty open access policy. She has co-authored several articles on the evolving open access publishing system bringing concerns of the global south into the conversation. While on sabbatical in the fall of 2018, Ada studied multi-stakeholder partnerships, collaboration, commons-building, and the methodologies of collective inquiry and consultation, which are critical for advocacy work in the open access movement and our communities more generally. Her research focuses on scholarly communication and publishing and examines issues regarding the equity and justice of future models for the scholarly communication system.  

Ada recently completed State of Kansas approved training in Core Mediation at Johnson County Community College and Restorative Justice training in June 2019.