KU Law Mediation Clinic

Starting in 2019, the University of Kansas School of Law’s Mediation Clinic has partnered with the Office of the Ombuds to mediate disputes between interested parties on campus. Parties who receive a referral to the program from the Office of the Ombuds may fill out the below form to be contacted by the KU Law Mediation Clinic to set up a time to discuss and potentially mediate the dispute between the parties.

The KU Law Mediation Clinic is a confidential and impartial third party who seeks to facilitate informal resolutions of campus disputes. All Mediation Clinic Mediators are second or third year law students who have been extensively trained in facilitating discussion and multi-party dispute resolution. All information submitted to the clinic is confidential and will not be used for formal discipline. Finally, choosing to mediate a dispute with the KU Law Mediation Clinic does not deprive either party of the right to pursue other remedies should mediation fail to produce a resolution.

For more information please visit Mediation Clinic | KU School of Law or email Shawn Watts at shawn.watts@ku.edu.