Request A Meeting

To request a meeting, you may contact us in a few ways.

In an effort to reduce the digital breadcrumbs left in KU systems we are beta testing a third-party platform that allows people to initiate a request to see us without emailing our office directly. We suggest you use a non-KU email address, although you are free and welcome to use your KU email if you prefer.” Please test it out and let us know if you have concerns or compliments related to it. The intake form can be completed here.

An alternative to contacting us by email at We will respond asking for days/times you are available and whether you would like an in-person, Zoom, or call meeting scheduled. We do request that you keep the information you share in email to a minimum as it is not suitable for supporting confidential communications. Other ways to contact us or request to meet are available here [on contact page].

On occasion a person prefers to request a meeting that uses no or little digital or phone technology. This is a method that is far slower. You may use KU interoffice mail system or US postal system, or hand deliver a note to the office, requesting a time to meet with the ombuds. If you include days/times you are available and a way to contact you, the ombuds staff will respond either by mailing you back, attaching a note to the door, or using a non-KU email or phone to respond. Depending on the request of the potential visitor. More information on how to do this on the contact page.

As with all information you share during a visit to the Ombuds, confidentiality will be maintained by our staff. However, please refrain from sharing extensive details in email or voicemail

We will be in touch to schedule a meeting as soon as possible!