How the Ombuds Office Can Help:

If you have a reason for not wanting to go through official channels, a talk with an Ombuds may help identify alternative courses of action. For many problems, a normal procedure or route of appeal is set out in university rules or policies. If you don’t know whether there is a procedure that fits your situation, you may contact the Ombuds Office for assistance.  Some examples include:


Course management issues (i.e., grade issues, academic misconduct, exam policies, etc)

Dispute with a university unit, staff person or faculty member

On-campus work issues

Thesis and dissertation issues

Conflict with advisor

Faculty and Staff:

Workplace disputes

Conflict with a colleague, supervisor or department

Consult regarding a student situation

Students, Staff, and Faculty:

Threats or retaliation

Policy consultation and violations

Conflict coaching (i.e., preparing for a difficult conversation)

Harassment and discrimination consultation

Bullying or incivility consultation

Health and safety issues

Interpersonal difficulties

Help navigating the university bureaucracy

Access other university resources and provide referralsDiscuss sensitive issues in confidence

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