Functions of the Ombudsman

Pursuant to the University Senate Rules and Regulations, Article VI. Section 6.2.2

6.2.2 Ombudsman. The Ombudsman shall be available (a) to receive and attempt to resolve individual grievances of members of the University community; and (b) to recommend procedural changes within the University in response to experience acquired in investigating individual cases. Powers. The Ombudsman shall have access to all administrative officials of the University and, in accordance with law, to all University records, including those of faculty members. He or she shall not have authority to take disciplinary action, reverse decisions, or circumvent existing University rules and procedures. He or she shall supplement, not replace, other means, where they exist, for redress of grievances. All proceedings in individual cases shall be held confidential by the Ombudsman unless otherwise authorized by the complainant. Reports. The Ombudsman shall at least annually make reports to the University community at large.